Sunday, January 22, 2012

Jesus is the rock, not our beliefs. GET IT.

Guess what? I DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. If in the course of these discussions, I find out something that doesn't jive with my childhood beliefs, it won't shake my belief in God. God isn't changing, it's me. It's me who is growing up and learning things I didn't know before. I've been reading my friend Matt's blog and angered at the emails and comments he's been getting about his beliefs not being God's, and in the same breath, claiming their beliefs ARE God's. Love the irony? Is it irony, S.B.? Or is it ignorance? Quote all the Bible verses you can think of, it doesn't mean you are interpreting them correctly. I finally get to see and read an honest account of someone's search, and it's littered with hateful exhorts of that person's belief system being wrong.

I'm tired of people just saying "WRONG". Just listen. Shut your faces and listen. I have much emotion about this - and let me speak calmly about it, I'm tired of it. If I'm responsible for working through my belief system, I'm going TO WORK THROUGH MY BELIEF SYSTEM. And if I come to a conclusion that is different than yours, so be it. Too much of the "argument" surrounding beliefs is that each of us is personally responsible to "teach" others the "way" and to show them how "wrong" they are when they "disagree" with our "beliefs". What? That's a resounding, NO. Guess what? I think as adults we are capable of making, and hell, RESPONSIBLE to decide what's right. If you can come to that conclusion on your own, so be it. Good job. Stop then forcing what you personally believe is right on everyone else.

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