About Us

About Us: By SZB

When I was a wide-eyed freshman at Virginia Tech, I innocently signed up for a class entitled, "Literature and Love" or something of that persuasion. Little did I know that I would spend a semester blushing furiously while my professor tried for the world record of how many times the words "phallic symbol" could be used in one course. Not to mention the enormously embarrassing, "you know what THAT means" that she threw in every time the characters had sex, thought about having sex or encountered a possible sexual metaphor. (Sara does a great impression of this prof) I probably would not have survived this rude awakening into the secular schooling system or Lolita if it hadn't been for Sara. Her joking about the class made me feel about 1.9 million times better and we soon learned that we shared a name, a brain, a love of getting on our soapbox and a sense of humor. Now we share our desire to live good, honest lives and our need for the other to assure us we are not completely insane.

PS - We also once shared a single bed after a cold night of sledding adventures. Be jealous.

About Us: By SHS

or Sara High School. Loves it.
When I graduated from college and moved to the big big world of New York, I began to see life from different angles. I started asking the questions I had heard (and discouraged) other friends from asking, and discovered minus a large group of people telling me the answers, that I had different answers to the same questions. I thought maybe I was alone, that there must be something wrong with me because I no longer believed what the group wanted me to believe. I went to visit Sara one summer and discovered....I wasn't alone. My leanings were shared, there are more people out there like me. Well, cooler and enjoy running more and are more tow-headed, but you know. And we both found us some bearded lovelies to marry and they are like us too! What?? We might procreate JUST for the sake of creating more people like us, like a bad religious group. I said it. (SZB agrees. Ready the commune!)