Thursday, October 13, 2011

Not one to speak my mind anymore...

... at least, not in cyberspace. 

It's funny, when I was in college I blogged constantly. Mostly my random thoughts on life, God, friends, my own inner turmoil. I loved it and I guess I fancied my thoughts worthy of other people's time. It made sense, a lot of my friends had blogs and we would all read each other's blogs and leave little comments. 

The funny part is I still write my random thoughts on life, God, friends and my own inner turmoil. I just never publish them. I write and write and then save the draft because I don't really know if I'm ready or willing anymore to just put those thoughts out there for people to read. It feels arrogant to even think that people would read them, but if they do... I don't know. 

Maybe it's because I've become less confident in my own convictions. Or maybe it's because I have a much more diverse group of friends now than I used to and I'm afraid of offending people. It's probably both. 

I follow this one blog called "The Agnostics Wife's Blog" and sometimes I really envy her. She started this anonymous blog and she can just say whatever she wants. So I decided I would do that too. I don't have to keep blogging where people know me. I can wrap myself in anonymity and speak my thoughts to silent cyberspace. 


  1. Hi! Just clicking over from the comment on my blog. I've enjoyed reading yours so far. Being able to blog without my whole family reading really has helped me though some rough times. It's very lonely being confused and scared and unsure about religion and faith. Having a blogging community that is going through or that has gone through some of the same stuff before is a relief knowing you are not as alone as you feel.

  2. Thanks for coming over to read! Your blog has been such a relief and comfort to me, so thank you for that and for your kind words.